Important Reminders:


     Palompon LGU and the rest of the staff are doing their best to keep this island clean, all visitors should segregate their trash and should have with them a trash bag where they can keep it.


Relax, Enjoy but don't forget to take care of it as well..


Cebu Island Expl0r3rs

  • Package 1

    From Bogo to Kalanggaman

  • Package 2

    From Bogo to Kalanggaman to Malapascua

  • Package 3/Customized

    Bogo to Bantayan Island

From Cebu City to Bogo City to Kalanggaman Island...

Kalanggaman Island via Bogo, Cebu, Here's how to do it!

 1. From North Bus Terminal, ride a Bus going to Bogo, Cebu (2-3 Hours of ride, PHP 120 fare)
 2. From Bogo Terminal, ride a tricycle going to Nailon (Lovers lane or Nailon Beach ( 15 minutes ride with PHP 15.00 fare
 3. From Bogo-Lovers Lane or Nailon Beach, you'll take their pumpboat going to Kalanggaman Island ( due to waves, ride will take 2-3 hours )


Sample Itinerary for a DAY TOUR.

Sample Itinerary for an OVERNIGHT STAY


  • Package 4


  • Package 5


From Cebu City to Funtastic or Virgin Island

Take a bus from North bus Terminal bound to Kawit it takes 3 to 4 hours. The bus fare is around 150 pesos for ceres air-con bus & 143 pesos for non- air-con bus. (One Way)

Important Reminders

No restaurants (maybe soon) – bring your foods, drinks and all necesarry things to make your day complete. You can buy foods and drinks from the mainland (If you want you can ride a trisikad 5 PHP fare going to wet-market)